The State of Us

The state of us.

Yes us.. me and you,

It’s all a tragedy,

We wake up and long for unity,

But it’s all smoke screens and mud pits.

We remain stifled and out of emergency kits,

We die slowly.

Yes, you and me…we;

This is the state of us.

The call this a state of emergency,

It’s all a falacy.

We all want to get by; watch time fly.

And we get high, so high our bodies go limp.

The garbage is piled high and the sewers drip,

Into the ground; they seep in to the water

Trip one body on top of another.

Yes, you and me…we

This is the state of us.

She called him a liar,

He said he would be fired.

He’s just a gun for hire;

Another one…one for one.

But it’s time she wanted than this…there’s got to be more to this

“It’s not the same” she says.

“It’s like someone’s in his head.”

His heart is dark, the room is occupied where he parked 

His emotions in a state of toxicity.

Unkempt, unattended…from the inside he starts to rot

In the society marked with ports.

He hopes to plug in.

Yes, you and me…no longer we.

This is the state of us;

A new start for me.

So often we care for what others say, do or think of us…but really our overdependence on the approval of others leads to the degradation of our own identity, and distances ourselves from our true selves.

To thine own self be true – Hamlet

Special thanks to Max Bwire, a Ugandan photographer who so gladly shared her images for this piece. Max is a talented artist who uses her lens to capture the beauty in the ordinary.

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