Ground Zero

This is my first entry in this blog, and a milestone of sorts for me.

I named this platform ‘Acquired Taste’ after some time thinking about it, and what I hope it would be; and so I think the name is a great way to introduce myself and my ramblings on life, to the readers who will visit this blog. According to references on Google, an acquired taste is an appreciation for something unlikely to be enjoyed by a person who has not had substantial exposure to it. And with that, it is my hope that readers will not only read what is shared on this platform once, but return again and often to catch up… acquire a taste for it.

I recently went through a life changing experience, and have noted that several things in life are an acquired taste. Life is lived outside the comfort zone, and for anyone hoping to ‘live their best life’ it is not in spending in thousands for an expensive vacation, or having an all-nighter in the city’s club scene. No. I have come to realize that it is more about the little things. The moments we can never forget. The ideas we choose to explore that often push us out of our area of familiarity. The relationships that teach us something new. And so with this blog, we will explore many different areas, talk about many issues important and nondescript that I hope the young millennial or any one for that matter can and will relate to, just as much as I do.

With a new lease on life, I hope to explore more of myself and I do wish we can do this together.

Thank you for reading.

Ms Eli.